Shaping, Healing, and Inspiring for Tomorrow (SHIFT) - Program at Loved Ones Victims Services (LOVS)

In Los Angeles County, African American and Latino males, ages 10-24, are between four to 18 times more likely to be survivors of violent crime than White males. There is a clear disparity—with limited resources to help young people of color heal.

More than 90% of young men of color receive no assistance after experiencing a violent crime.

Primary Goal of SHIFT Program:

Alleviate trauma-related symptoms of young men of color and teach them crucial everyday life skills, which may not be typically taught in school.

Qualification Criteria:         

  • Youth, ages 10-24.

  • Witnessed or encountered a violent incident.

Trauma psychotherapy component:

LOVS mental health therapists will provide free individual therapy to clients who qualify for the SHIFT program to help reduce trauma-related symptoms.

Life Skills Education component:

  • LOVS staff will teach vital skills for professional and personal success that are not usually taught in the classroom such as creating resumes, professional etiquette and communication, time management, anger management, coping skills, financial literacy, and interacting and communicating with the police in a safer manner.

  • SHIFT students will participate in various life skills workshops offered weekly.

  • SHIFT students will be required to attend at least 8 of the different life skills workshops and 12 individual mental health therapy appointments to graduate from the SHIFT program.

Additional Incentives for Completing the SHIFT Program:

  • Annual graduation ceremony where SHIFT graduates will be honored and awarded for completing the program.

  • Additionally, SHIFT alumni may be invited to free outings dependent upon the community sponsors LOVS employees procure.

Current and Future Partnerships:

We are currently partnered with Community Build Youth Development and are seeking additional partnerships with schools, law enforcement agencies, or nonprofit organizations.

For those who are interested in or have questions about the SHIFT program, please contact us at:    (310) 337-7006 or